Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Special Renew Kitchen/Bathroom Doors Offer

( we have been working for 15 years on the kitchen cabinets market )

30 OLD doors/drawer panels (average sizes) – changed to 30 NEW doors/drawer panels  finished by NEW colour lacquer
only for $2599 + GST
New doors/ drawers panels
– Same doors/drawer size, as old doors/drawers
– Same hinge holes placement
    – (only 5 different doors profiles to choose from)
– Material MDFMDF inset panel + Mapleframe (+10% price)
– Additional door price finished by colour lacquer ($80.00/per door)
Maple frame + mdf inset
Kitchen frame style
 – Only frame-less kitchen cabinets
Finishing by lacquer
– Only 5 most popular colours, any color (+ 5% price)
– Pre-catalyzed solid colour lacquer (epoxy formula)
– Satin, semi-gloss finish
 Looking perfect!
Hinges & Handles
– New soft close hinges ($4.99/each) 
– New handles: 50 different styles ($4.99/each)
You bring us your old door/drawer panels, and we will give you new doors/drawers finished by colour lacquer with new hinge holes.

limited time

Just $2,599 + GST

Offer valid for frameless kitchen cabinets only*

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