Our Services

Refinishing Cabinets

Remove and install the pack all doors / panels & drawers

Refinish all panels in a shop with custom color lacquer, stain

Refinish frames and side panels inside of customer house

Refacing Cabinets

Remove and dispose of all old doors / drawers

Finish frame and side panels (3 different choices)

Install of new doors, new drawers, side panels, crown molding, valance, and toe kick

Job completed in 10 days

Add to Existing Kitchen Cabinets

Extend upper cabinets to the ceiling

Build new island , new hood, new crown molding, valance, toe kick

Build new veneer(1/4 Plywood on side panel), new pantry

New Counter Top (Granite or quartz)

Installation, templating, disposal of old counter top

Install new counter top

Completion 1-2 weeks


Remove and dispose of the old tiles

Repair all damage drywall

Install of new backsplash

Grout application

Seal the grout after 72 hours

New Kitchen Cabinets

Remove and dispose of old cabinets

Build new cabinets (Wood or MDF)

Finish with custom color (Owner’s choice)

Install new cabinets