Kitchen Refinishing

One of our services includes cabinet refinishing and we apply our expertise to provide our customers with the best refinishing products. Our kitchen designs are unique and elegant, as they are customized to our customers’ preferences. Visit Hot Stones Spa. 

Kitchen Refacing

We are committed to work with our customers closely. We utilize only the highest quality of Acrylic and Matte facings available in the market today! Talk to us about this beautiful, yet affordable solution to bringing your kitchen into the world of high end European contemporary style.


New Kitchen

Finding the right style is all about personal taste and lifestyle, and we have the expertise to help make your dream kitchen a reality.
At BKRefinishing, we work with a team of designers and craftsmen with over 30 years of experience who are committed to creating a kitchen that suits your lifestyle and reflects the latest advances in kitchen design.
Choose from a wide selection of styles and finishes that BKRefinishing has to offer.

All Inclusive Services

We like to save our customers’ time, money, and hassle. How? By being your one main point of contact and source of labor. At BKRefinishing, we take full responsibility for the coordination of a project from start to finish. That includes hiring all the subcontractors, dealing with suppliers, managing the health and safety program, and ensuring that timelines and budgets are met. Peace of mind for our customers!