What We Do

If you are a homeowner, we will translate your “wish list” into reality through creative, personalized design to make your home uniquely yours.

What sets us apart from other cabinet companies is our commitment to provide exceptional service to our customers.  We understand any constraints can change the results of a project. The challenge is to how to yield the best results without sacrificing style and creativity.  At BKRefinishing, our motto consists of three simple words:

Inception, Creation, Satisfaction.

Inception:  Our solutions to your needs go beyond lines on a page.  Any cabinet company can build boxes based on an architect’s floor plan.  At BKRefinishing, we design an effective work flow and provide a strong aesthetic scheme.

Creation:  By creation, we do not mean reinventing the wheel.  It is the process of listening to your needs and providing solutions to create your design based on your criteria.  As we go through the process with you, we keep four aspects in mind:  Form, Function, Fashion and Finance.  We do sell factory cabinets.

Satisfaction:  We will always provide exceptional service by integrating our expertise and creativity in our solutions to your project. At BKRefinishing, we build high quality and trendy designed cabinets to modernize your home at the best price.